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Swimming Pools

Q: What are the differences among all of the different kinds of pools available?

A: The short answer is price. There are Aboveground, Onground, Semi-inground, and Inground swimming pools.

-Aboveground Pools are usually the least expensive. They come prefabricated in multiple sizes in round and oval styles using galvanized steel, resin, and/or aluminum.

-Onground Pools come prefabricated in multiple sizes in rectangular shapes with decks and fence built in the package. These can often be close to in-ground pools in price.

-Semi-Inground Pools are often built like high-end extruded aluminum aboveground pools with stronger walls to be sunk into the ground to look like an inground pool. With the added expenses in decking and digging, these too end up costing close to an in-ground pool.

-Inground Pools are custom built out of steel, resin, aluminum, and/or concrete in just about any size or shape. These will be the most expensive and also have the largest price ranges due to the customizability.

Q: What are the differences among all of the aboveground pools available?

A: Aboveground pools are generally divided into three categories-- Galvanized steel, Resin, and Extruded aluminum. 

-Galvanized steel aboveground pools are going to offer the least expensive options of the three.  Be aware that not all galvanized steel pools are created equally. Manufacturer brochures will usually only explain the width of the frame instead of the weight of the steel that its made of. This can be very misleading. Be sure to touch and feel the differences in the frames to determine the strength.

-Resin aboveground pools are priced comparably to high-end galvanized steel pools. Resin pools can offer a a more stylized frame but unfortunately have to sacrifice strength for style. The walls themselves are usually the exact same walls as their steel-framed cousins. Resin can become more flexible in extreme sun and heat and more rigid (even brittle) in the extreme cold. Although the resin components can't rust they can and will eventually fade and dry rot.

-Extruded aluminum aboveground pools will generally be the most expensive of the three (for good reason). Extruded aluminum is very strong and rigid. It won't rust or dry rot and stays cool to the touch in sunlight. Aluminum does corrode, as all metals do, but doesn't loose structural integrity like rusted steel does.

All aboveground pools are not created equally! We've selected our line of quality above ground pools to fit the needs of our customers. They range from cash 'n carry packages that start as low as $749 to high end extruded aluminum pool packages!

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